10 beautiful nail art design ideas

10 beautiful nail art design ideas
10 beautiful nail art design ideas

Last Updated on July 16, 2021 by MyGh.Online


These are great ideas for your next nail appointment

With the world coming up with beautiful nail designs, I have curated 10 nail art designs you can try over the weekend.

The simple nude

This is for the girl who wants pretty nails but does not want to call attention to herself.

The white edges

This look mixes simplicity with a little zing.

A solid colour

Try something bright and bold.

Abstract act

Try a design with flowers, art and drawings.


Depending on your taste you can make bold multicoloured nails or a subtle ones.

Sparkle and shine

Add glitters and shine to your nails and shine like a princess.

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Really long nails

Bring out the Cardi B in you with really long nails.

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