3 factors that make meat good or bad for you

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Meat is a broad term we used to refer to animals and poultry. Meat also means red meat like beef, pork and lamb; white (lean) meat like chicken and processed meat like sausages.

Meat is neither out rightly good nor bad. Meat is a source of protein, vitamins, fatty acids and minerals. It helps increase metabolism and leads to stronger bones

Meat is not out rightly bad, it has some health benefits. A lot of factors makes it either good or bad.

It is better to grill your meat than to fry it. Grilling your meat helps to burn some fat off it which reduces the fat content.

You can also bake, boil or stir-fry your meat for a reduced fat content

Red meat on the other hand has a high-fat content e.g. beef, goat meat.

Buy shellfish like shrimp, crab and lobster. It adds variety to your meal and it is quite healthy.

The lesser the size the more healthy it is. The American Cancer Society has recommended three-four ounces of meat.

Three-four ounces would be like a bar of soap or a deck of cards.

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