3 things a woman should never use on her vagina

3 things a woman should never use on her vagina
3 things a woman should never use on her vagina

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Some women are obsessed with having their vagina smell like roses and flowers. Most times, women need to let their vagina just be.

Except in cases where there is an extremely negative smell that indicates some diseases or infection, the vagina is self-cleansing.

Do not do the following things.

This is using water and vinegar, or iodine or baking soda on the vagina in an attempt to clean it and have it smell nice.

Douching has a lot of negative effects on the vagina, it can lead to pregnancy complications in the future, disrupts the normal PH level of the vagina and leads to infections like yeast infections and vaginosis.

Feminine wipes, wet wipes, baby wipes. Whatever type of wipes are a big NO.

Anything scented, or fragranced disrupts the PH of the vagina.

The woman stands the risk of getting yeast infections and vaginosis.

Although some wipes boost of being fragrant free and made of only natural products.

The best way to a clean vagina is to:

  1. Wash it with warm water and unscented soap. at least twice a day.
  2. Wear only clean, cotton underwear.
  3. Dry your underwear under the sun.
  4. Avoid sitting on communal toilets.

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