3 worst things any man can say to the woman he loves

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Even at your angriest and when they rile you up the worst, you still watch how you speak to them simply out of respect.

If you are in love with a woman, here are the three things you will hardly ever say to them:

Rule of thumb: if she asks whether she is fat or not, the default response is a no. And it is not a joke. Unless she says it’s cool to say so, then you can.

Be nice and kind with your words to your partner at all times, even when you have to address issues as unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits.

Words such as “you’re not my mum” could pour cold water on your girl’s desire to care for you as many women in love are wont to do.

“It’s common to say this when someone is feeling as if their partner is being too nurturing, overprotective, or controlling,” says Lori Bizzooo, a relationship expert.

Before you let those words slip out, “try letting them know what you prefer they not do rather than making them feel like they’re coming on too strong.”

Anyone and everyone can be supportive of you, but it slaps different when people you really care about say it.

Let her know you are just as proud and supportive of what she’s done with her life so far.

The worst thing you can do is downplay her successes and/or make it feel like she’s not done anything special. Even when the victory is little, gas her the hell up and cheer her on.

Don’t be a wet towel. Don’t be a horrible boyfriend.

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