4 low-cut hairstyles for women

Dye and curl {pinterest}
4 low cut hairstyles for women

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Try out these low-cut hairstyles if you are tired of your wigs and braids and you want to take a break

Sometimes you need a break from making your hair and putting on wigs, cutting your hair low allows you to take a break.

These are some options;

Go Bald

Sometimes there is nothing better than letting water get to your scalp unperturbed. Set yourself free from having to comb your hair.

Dye and curl

Sometimes dye can make your hair curly. Other times you must apply a curl activator on it, whatever you choose this is an easy way to let your hair breathe.

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Dye and curl {pinterest}
Dye and curl {pinterest}

Dye and part

This is a favourite of celebs like Nancy Isime. Here you dye your hair but cut it low and part it.

Pixie cut

If you are not bold enough to cut everything, the pixie is a perfect way to take a break from making your hair for a while and resume later.

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