4 natural ways to tighten your vagina

4 natural ways to tighten your vagina
4 natural ways to tighten your vagina

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It sounds like an unusual problem to have, but it’s a big issue which impacts a lot of women! Childbirth, obesity, previous gynecological surgery, frequent lifting of heavy items, these are the many causes of this vaginal condition. brings you 4 natural ways to tighten your vagina

A helpful tip on how to tighten your vagina at naturally is to perform yoga. Gentle movements in yoga can help you strengthen your vagina walls, your pelvic muscles, and the whole body muscles. Just perform this simple exercise at home.

An excellent natural way to strengthen the walls of your vagina is with vaginal cones. These cones come with varying weights attached to them. The exercise, which has to be performed for 15 minutes twice a day, involves sliding a cone inside, beginning with the lightest cone you can easily retain and substituting it with a heavier one as your pelvic muscles become firm.

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