5 exceptional ready-to-wear fashion stores for women in Nigeria

5 exceptional ready-to-wear fashion stores for women in Nigeria
5 exceptional ready to wear fashion stores for women in Nigeria

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No doubt the fashion industry in Nigeria has improved in leaps and bounds with fashion houses making beautiful, ready-to-wear pieces.

This is the opposite of haute couture or custom-made outfits made for just one person.

In time past, we were dependent on ‘Aba-made’ clothes or clothes imported from China but doubts over their quality and the chance that you would see the same outfit on almost everyone made them unappealing. Examples are ‘My money grows on grass’ and ‘Ama kip kip’ shirts.

Here is a list of ready to wear designers to look out for;

Tubo RTW makes exceptionally beautiful, short dresses, tops, casual attire, two-piece outfits. The shape, cut, fabric choices, colour and attention to detail are certainly commendable.

They are popular for more corporate attire but Lady Biba has an affiliate brand for loungewear.

Their corporate or work dresses are bold, interesting, modest and would attract attention in a good way.

Affordable, chic, and fashionable. It is no wonder that Melodia dresses are all the rave!

Tbally is famous for dinner gowns she makes for celebrities. She also has a lot of ready to wear and casual outfits that are chic, and modern.

Most 21 attire outfits are below N5,000. The designs are beautiful, comfortable and most importantly you do not have to break the bank.

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