5 penis health signs guys shouldn't ignore

5 penis health signs guys shouldn't ignore
5 penis health signs guys shouldn039t ignore

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Here are few indicators the penis could show guys that something is going wrong in the body, note that early intervention is essential in the treatment of these problems:

1. Difficulty urinating or painful urination.

If you notice difficulty starting a urine stream, or you observe frequent urination, or pain during urination it may be a sign of enlarged prostate, you would do well to check with your health care practitioner.

Pain in the testicles or lower back and anywhere around the penile area after an orgasm sometimes could be much more than sign of overexertion/exhaustion. Painful ejaculation can be an indicator of an inflammatory condition of the prostate, as well as of enlarged prostate or even cancer. If this happens then you need to get medical help.

5. Loss of sensitivity or reduced erectile function:

This could happen with age, as men get older there may be reduced erectile function but If this happens in an otherwise active person then it may be time to make some lifestyle changes especially to pay attention to one’s emotional welbeing but its most important to get medical help.

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