5 things that happen when your man's sex drive is lower than yours

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Low libido in men is not uncommon. In fact, about 1 in 4 men (28 per cent) A 2012 survey by the International Society for Sexual Medicine says that one on every four men experiences a low sexual desire.

Placed side by side the libido of women, Dr. Irwin Goldstein, one of the study’s authors and director of sexual medicine at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego, says “nearly 30 per cent of women say they’re more interested in sex than their male partner.”

Even though it’s not conclusive evidence, this still further lends credence to the reality that you could really be in a relationship with a man whose sex drive is nowhere near yours. You would be so wrong to assume that a man’ sex drive would be higher than yours by default.

“We have a great relationship, he makes me laugh constantly and we’re pretty much on the same page about everything in life. The only thing I’m struggling with is his lower sex drive.

“We’ve spoken about it loads and he’s promised it’s just how he is and it’s not me, but my self-esteem has taken a massive knock and I’m finding it hard to believe the things he says are true.”

The above is an excerpt from Mariella Forstrup’s Agony Aunt column of The Guardian UK, and although the woman who owns the story is British, she’s not the only woman facing this and hers is a relatable story here or anywhere.

Feeling unwanted and having pent up sexual tension is one of the things that you are likely to deal with when your man’s libido is below yours.

This obviously opens the door to tension, resentment and other bitter, toxic forms of energy in the relationship.

It won’t matter that you love this person, and it won’t also matter that they love you back. Having your sexual needs unmet or inadequately met could really test your faithfulness is really difficult ways.

Deciding to stay in the relationship regardless of the mismatched sexual energy you have with a man means one or more of the following:

– you’ll stick with him and together seek ways to raise his libido levels

– you’ve decided to not cheat

– the right amount of sex is a something you are willing to give up to be in the relationship

– you are willing and ready to engage in a lot of DIY orgasms and sexual gratification.

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