5 ways for women to wear athleisure

5 ways for women to wear athleisure
5 ways for women to wear athleisure

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Athleisure combines athletic and leisure wears.

The trend of wearing athletic wears for other purposes apart from sports began in the 1980s and 1990s with the hip-hop movement.

We had people wearing tracksuits, basketball jerseys, tennis headbands and so on.

In recent times, athleisure in women’s fashion has become a booming industry. Brands like ivy park by Adidas, Nike, Puma, Kim Kardashian’s Skims are leveraging on this trend.

This isn’t exactly athleisure because you cannot exercise in them, the cut and fit of a latex bodysuit definitely exude athleisure vibes.

These days tracksuits can be styled with heels or sneakers.

Since the days of Princess Diana, biker shorts have been comfortable and stylish.

Some women pair this outfit with heels and they are ready for a night out in town.

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