6 things to know about the goddess Oshun

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  • Oshun is the goddess of love, sensuality, water, and the protective deity of the river Oshun. She is also associated with fertility, lushness, greenness and life.

  • Oshun was one of the 17 gods sent by Olodumare to create the world.

When she came down to earth, she wore a gold dress and jewellery. This is the reason why her worshippers also wear gold and yellow attires in festivals honouring her.

In the absence of Oshun, the other gods faced difficulties. They could not populate and revive the earth. They went back to heaven to apologize and beg Oshun. When she came back to the earth, she revived it with water.

  • Her most popular depiction is in the music video lemonade by Beyonce. Beyonce is underwater in the opening scene. In the next scene, she is wearing yellow dress, the colour of Oshun. As she opens the doors of the building, the water rises trailing her down the stairs.

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