6 things you need to know about sugar daddy relationships

6 things you need to know about sugar daddy relationships
6 things you need to know about sugar daddy relationships

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There are many different kinds of sugar daddy/baby relationships, though. Each one is unique and the rules will change from one relationship to the next.

If you or someone you know is thinking of entering this kind of arrangement, here are some things you should know.

  • Sugar daddies aren’t always looking for sex

Sex may become part of the relationship, but for a lot of sugar daddies, it’s about having someone to talk to and spend time with. Why don’t they just get a girlfriend? They may have an affinity for younger women who normally wouldn’t give them the time of day or their lives might just be so busy that they don’t have time to seek out a traditional relationship. Sugar daddies might also need to have someone to take with them to events and other social occasions. Sex might become part of the arrangement, but it isn’t always the main focus.

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  • Not all sugar daddies are old

Sugar daddies come in all ages from mid-twenties and up. Many of them are older than the women who choose to be sugar babies. Like sugar daddies though, sugar babies come in all ages. There are some sugar daddies who actually prefer older women and are looking for a woman that can provide the comfort of a mothering relationship.

  • Sugar daddies pay more if sex is involved

  • Sugar babies aren’t getting rich off their sugar daddies

The average allowance for a sugar baby is $2,400 a month. That’s less than minimum wage. Sugar daddies might give out extras besides money like clothing, shoes, makeup, or purses. Trips are paid for but not all sugar daddies take their sugar babies on vacations.

  • Finding the right sugar daddy isn’t easy

  • Some sugar daddies are looking for permanent relationships

Not all sugar daddies are married men that are sneaking around on their wives. There are some who want a long-term relationship that is also monogamous. Some of them even offer the option of marriage down the road. There are still some who are looking for a one-time meet-up for sex. There is as much diversity in purpose as there is in age.

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