7 Ways to use Email Marketing to convert prospects into customers

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7 Ways to use Email Marketing to convert prospects into

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A recent study showed that email is still the most preferred marketing channel among customers and those surveyed said they much prefer to receive promotional emails than any other type of message.

Having a good grasp of how to use email for your online business can yield some great results, but it’s also important to have a strategy in place. 

You want to be able to reach a customer at just the right time when they are in need of your product or service. 

That’s why it’s crucial you know how to target your audience, and also make sure that your emails are targeted to convert subscribers into customers.

Whether you’re just starting out with email marketing or looking for some email marketing tips to improve your current results, there are a number of things you can do to convert your list into a stream of revenue.

7 ways to use Email Marketing to Boost Your Results Immediately

Here’s my take on seven key strategies that will help you turn your subscribers into customers.

1. Use Content to Engage and Educate Customers

It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to set up an email marketing campaign, but it does take a little effort. 

You can’t just fire off your promotional emails for your free online ordering system and hope for the best – you need to make sure that each message is carrying with it a call-to-action that will engage subscribers so they’re willing to go through with the conversion.

One of the best ways to do this is through meaningful content. 

By creating and distributing educational materials in your emails, you are not only informing them about your products, but also allowing subscribers to see how the product could benefit them.

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The first step is deciding what it is that subscribers need to know before they buy your product. Maybe this means providing an overview of how your system works or showing customers how it will make their life easier. 

Even a small amount of information can be enough to sway someone who’s on the fence about purchasing your product.

2. Be Personal And Don’t Settle For Autoresponders

This tip may seem obvious, but there are some companies that still believe it’s okay to use general “Dear ___” salutations when sending out their emails. 

It’s not only bad form, but it can also make your email look lazy and unprofessional. 

If you’re choosing to use an automated email marketing system, then take the extra time to edit the autoresponder so that each subscriber gets a personal message from you rather than a generic template.

As well as using a personalized email address, it’s a good idea to include a personally signed note with your emails. 

Just adding your name at the bottom of the message can make some customers feel more comfortable about engaging in conversation with you. 

They’ll see that you’re not just sending out thousands of messages to random addresses; they’ll know they’ve been singled out.

3. Don’t Make People Search For Your Call-To-Action

There’s not much that will frustrate subscribers more than having to work hard to find the call-to-action in your message. 

A lot of people use graphics or bold text to make the CTA stand out, but just because you may be using a different format, it doesn’t mean you can hide the CTA.

Your call-to-action is a very important part of your email because it’s the last chance you’ll have to get subscribers to convert before they hit “delete”. 

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Keep in mind that many people receive literally hundreds of emails every day so if yours isn’t directly clear, then there’s a good chance it’s going to get lost in the shuffle.

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4. Customize The Subject Line For Each Subscriber

The subject line is probably the first thing that subscribers see when opening an email, so take some time to fine-tune it for each subscriber. 

This means adding more value than just including their name and the number of the email campaign they’ve received. 

Make it personal by mentioning something related to what they’ve recently done on your site. 

This way, when they see that you’re sending them a message, it will instantly grab their attention so they’ll be more likely to read on through to find out more about your product.

5. Send Personalized Campaigns

At first, you may not think this is possible, but it is. 

While you can’t send an email to each one of your subscribers and address them by name, you can still get pretty close to delivering a message that feels personal. 

Use the information they have provided on their subscription form (name, company etc.) in the subject line.

As well as making the subject line more personal, you could also use this opportunity to provide an offer or two that is tailored towards each subscriber.

 This might be something they can’t get anywhere else. 

For example, if they have signed up for your product using a free trial option which means they won’t be part of the first round of purchases, send them an email to offer them a discount.

6. Be Kind To Your Subscriber’s Inbox

There isn’t a lot worse than having to decide whether or not to delete an email because you receive so many every day that they’re no longer noticeable. 

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However, if you implement the tips in this article then you can guarantee that your subscribers will always remember you and be more likely to open any messages you send them.

Getting subscribers to trust you and your company is one of the biggest steps towards making sure they keep investing their time, money and energy in you. 

If you follow these tips then not only will your emails stand out from the crowd but it will also ensure that more people see your business as an authority rather than just another company trying to sell them something.

7.  Keep Contacting Them

Once you have your first contact with a subscriber, this doesn’t need to be the end of it. Keep in touch with them regularly by sending out newsletters and updates from time to time. 

This way they feel more connected to your brand because they know that you’re continuously thinking about ways you can improve their experience with your products and services.

As well as sending newsletters, you could also think about attending events and creating communities around your products or services. 

This way subscribers will feel that they’re part of a community who are all sharing experiences with your brand and know each other on a more personal level. 

You can use this to leverage yourself further in the market by showing them how important their feedback is to you.

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