8 things a woman does only when she's mad over you

8 things a woman does only when she's mad over you
8 things a woman does only when she039s mad over

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What are the things to watch out for?

There isn’t a water-tight system to knowing as women are different in their emotional constructs.

Regardless, experience has shown that when you notice her doing a number the things listed below for you, you should know that chances are high that she really likes you, for she would never do them for someone who does not mean much to her.

This does not necessarily mean she wears her best dress every time just for you, it means she actually makes effort to impress you.

That’s the only time it’s ever worth it.

While girls might tell people some parts of themselves, they reserve their deepest, most intimate, even darkest and dirtiest secrets to someone they really trust, someone they truly like.

Women hate putting their feelings out there except they can no longer help it.

If she likes you, then she’ll let you get away with a lot more than you should.

Things that other men [and even her own friends] will never get away with, she’ll permit them if it’s you doing them.

This is not an excuse to intentionally maltreat women.

But, if by chance, you are yet to really get your act right, and a woman repeatedly lets you go scot free, best believe she really likes you.

It might be because she is just nice, but of course, if she always invites you over to come enjoy homemade meals, just know there is a special feeling attached to it.

Women want to be classy for the whole world. With you, however, it goes deeper than that.

She’s willing to show you her goofy, playful side.

What your friends laugh at you for, she may absolutely find it cute and endearing.

I know someone who thinks her boyfriend’s inability to pronounce ‘r’ sounds is cute in a funny way.

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