A new way to find a spouse for busy and high flying Africans

A new way to find a spouse for busy and high flying Africans
A new way to find a spouse for busy and

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You have done the latter for your education, your job, your business, and even for your friends. Why should you not do the same for love? And if you are struggling to find the right place to search, why don’t you allow someone else to do the search for you? Because that is exactly what Chotayah does.

Ben and Chiddie Anyasodo are the founders of Chotayah, a luxury matchmaking service located in United Kingdom that serves Africans Globally. Chotayah comes from the Igbo language in West Africa, and it means to find something or someone.

“In this case, it means to find love, find your spouse, find the one, find the love of your life”, Chiddie explains. But what makes this agency the perfect to-go service when you are searching for the one?

Why should a high achieving man or woman choose them?

The answer lies in the founders. Ben is a licensed Behavioural Change Expert/Therapist and a Research Scientist. while Chiddie is a certified Matchmaker and Engineer.

Having worked with the highest-ranking multinational corporations in the world, the couple understands that success often comes at the expense of your time. Which is why they launched a matchmaking service to ease the search of the one for other high achieving men and women.

Moreover, Ben and Chiddie have an interesting story concerning their own marriage as well. Ben narrated in a Facebook post that his aunt( father’s elder sister) was the midwife that aided in Chiddie’s birth.

To answer this question, first we must list the four types of membership that Chotayah offers. The agency offers a passive membership, a priority membership, a VIP commission, and the Billionaire’s Luxury commission.

While members who opt for the first type of membership are not are not guaranteed a search or service through the team’s social media handles, the other three memberships have guaranteed matches and demand that the clients go through a rigorous screening before being accepted by the luxury matchmaking agency. This is how the process goes.

After registration, the client is vetted by the team who check if he or she is suitable for their service. During this process, the client might be rejected.

But if he or she passes, they will undergo a behavioural and psychotherapy session with the team to know their relationship history and how their relationship dreams can be achieved. If there are emotional wounds or baggage, they will help them overcome it.

As explained on their website, “Everyone has a story, just as we all have things about us that we wish weren’t there. Usually, a lot of what limits us happened in childhood or at some significant point in our lives”.

Chotayah is definitely not the kind of service anybody can enjoy. As reported by the team, “Our database is built on beauty, brains, integrity, and charisma. We believe that emotional health and positive attitude are key factors to the start of a great relationship”.

Their values are admirable, but what are the benefits of being an elite member of Chotayah? After all there are many luxury agencies who offer similar services. Would it not be cheaper and less time consuming to utilise a dating service that relies on computer data to match their users?

Why spend so much and go through a rigorous human screening just to find a suitable match?

“A real person who interviews prospective matches on your behalf can intuitively interpret physical energy, body language, body language, and many other important factors that a computer cannot”, the team expatiates on their website.

They also want us to understand that, while it may seem that they are only concerned about selecting the crème de la crème, they have the best interests of their clients at heart and want to make sure that they get their money’s worth: “Once [a client] starts dating someone within the pool, his or her contract is frozen. Contracts can be frozen as many times as the client would like, for up to a total of four (4) months. Contracts can also be frozen in case of illness”.

Also, on the question of calling Chotayah a dating app, website, or service, Chiddie insists on clarifying that Chotayah is not a dating website: “We are different from a dating app. We offer a full service with 100% human involvement and our matches are carefully handpicked.”

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As further stated on their website: “For all our clients [that are priority, premium, and luxury], we search within our exclusive network or go outside our network to get a match for them. We work like a corporate head-hunter, using every resource available to us to find the ONE for you. [Especially for the men], they have the chance to marry the beautiful, elegant, and intelligent woman of their dreams”. Good to know that people are getting value for their money.

Without a doubt Chotayah offers the best matchmaking service anybody can think of, but do they ever face challenges when it comes to convincing people to utilise their services?

Chiddie has an answer to this: “Quite a number of men I have spoken to in Nigeria feel that if a lady engages a match-maker then it means she is desperate and not suitable. But historically, [matchmaking] is part of our African culture. My mother and father had been matchmade by my mother’s family member. There is nothing to be ashamed about matchmaking, it’s part of our African tradition”.

The team also adds: “People outsource all parts of their professional and personal life like their designer stylist and their personal trainer. When they travel, they pay for the utmost comfort [too]. Why [should they] settle with their romantic life when our luxury matchmaking boutique for successful Africans is here for them?”

And we could not agree less.

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