A trip to Erin Ijesha waterfall

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Oduduwa is the ancestors of the Yorubas. There was a time Oduduwa was so old and feeble he could not rule the Yoruba kingdoms anymore.

A disagreement came up about the custody of the Iro, a symbol of fertility. Ayinla believing it to be hers rightfully by virtue of her position as the first daughter fled with it.

She was accompanied by her loyalists to find a new settlement.

While looking for a place to settle, Erin Ijesha was discovered. It was a magnificent waterfall with pure white water cascading.

It was named Olu Mirin meaning ‘Another god’. They worshipped the waterfall.

I spoke with Dimeji, who went to the waterfall with his friends when he was a final year student at Obafemi Awolowo University at Ile-Ife.

At the gate, they paid a discounted gate fee because they were a large group of 11 people.

This is what he had to say about the place and the journey up,

“Well, it was an awesome experience, I mean all I wanted to do is just to have fun with friends and all, and yeah, I did have fun.

It was not easy climbing up because we had drinks and some refreshments with us and trying to go up was scary.

I think the bad maintenance culture spreads everywhere in Nigeria.

The statues at the entrance are even okay sort of but those after is not something to write home about.”

The first layer has a waterfall pouring out of two trunks. The second level is where most people like to stay. It has a waterfall that is about 40 meters.

This is where Dimeji and his friend hung out and took pictures. He enjoyed playing in the water even though it was cold.

The water is shallow enough to stand on, you do not need to know how to swim.

The seventh layer is plain, with a settlement inhabiting it. You can lay down your picnic mat or cloth and have a picnic there. It is also scenic with a lot of trees surrounding it.

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