Accra: Faulty electric pole electrocutes 23-year-old gentleman to death at Taifa [Video]

“Ghana has not gone back to the days of dumsor, we’re just doing maintenance works” – President Akufo-Addo assures
Ghana has not gone back to the days of dumsor

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A 23-year-old man has been electrocuted to death at Taifa Burkina, a community in Accra.

According to the family, the electricity pole that caused his death had been insulated and left unattended until a recent repair work by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) which left the pole exposed.

The family alleges that until the incident, no warning sign had been erected to warn residents of the dangers of the high voltage pole.

The family has thus vowed to take legal action against ECG.

“They said because of the muddy area, he slipped, and he decided to hold the metal electricity pole as support, so he doesn’t fall down. The thing electrocuted him, and those around were just looking at him. The pole wasn’t naked earlier, but now it is naked…  I am going to take this case up. I am the only person left now. We are going to pursue the case. Nobody expected this. We will sit down as a family and arrange for the funeral,” said Calvin Agyeman, a brother of the deceased.

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Last month, seven persons were electrocuted at Amanfrom, a farming community in the Asutifi South District of the Ahafo Region.

A rainstorm at the time caused damage to several electrical poles, with live wires exposed.

The victims were believed to have touched iron gates and metal objects and were electrocuted.

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