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Adom 106.3 FM launches another result-focused product

Adom 106.3 FM launches another result-focused product
Adom 106.3 FM launches another result-focused product

Last Updated on May 5, 2021 by MyGh.Online

Beyi W'ano
Beyi W’ano

Stories have been told of how radio has been used to transform or destroy societies – the case of the Rwandan Genocide is what easily comes to mind about the destructive power of radio.

But, thinking of the destructive side of radio without matching same against how radio has been deployed for development, will be an injustice.

It’s the reason why when you think radio in Ghana, you think Adom 106.3 FM because the station has, over the years, helped in providing relief to individuals and communities.

Be it assisting distressed persons to get the help that they think may never come or helping communities realise infrastructural developments that have eluded them for decades.

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In the last one month alone, Adom 106.3 FM has embarked on many campaigns including the one that led to the fixing of traffic lights at Anyaa Fanmilk in Accra.

Until the traffic lights were fixed, road traffic fatalities in the area were becoming a new normal as vehicles knocked pedestrians with every darkness that fell.

Call it ‘relevant or transformational radio programming, Adom 106.3 FM, through its morning show, Dwaso Nsem, has positively impacted lives in many ways.

The station has used a kind of programming that has afforded listeners the opportunity to make their personal and community challenges known to duty bearers but unlike many, stating the problem is just the beginning of the story.

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Led on-air by its passionate-but-humble host, CJ Forson, Dwaso Nsem has become the one-stop-shop for solution-led programming that has often ended with results.

As the problems pour in on a daily basis, the station has been left with no choice but to respond to the people with a unique segment on its morning show.

The Dwaso Nsem team has therefore designed a segment that aggregates the problems and finds solutions to them – Beyi W’ano is what it’s called.

What is Beyi W’ano then?

Beyi W’ano, to wit, ‘state your side of the story’ is a kind of production that calls on duty bearers to respond to the people’s problem.

The production is a solutions-focused and accountability-driven segment designed to hold public office holders accountable on behalf of the people.

The show has just one objective – fixing the challenge or the problem.

Beyi W’ano is also a people-focused segment as the production starts with the people stating their problems or challenges as the show serves as the conduit through which a solution is provided.

As the segment’s tagline goes, Beyiwoano; Na yen sor ano, once a problem is identified, the show collaborates with the community and duty bearers to find solutions to them.

If you missed the first edition of Beyi W’ano which carried the heart-stopping story of a school building that is waiting to collapse on pupils who occupy it in the Upper Denkyira East District of the Central Region, make time every morning to join the team at 6:54 am as they push to get the problem fixed.

 Beyiwoano; Na yen sor ano!


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