Adwoa Saah discloses how she deals with her husband’s side chicks in a new video

Adwoa Saah discloses how she deals with her husband's side chicks in a new video
Adwoa Saah discloses how she deals with her husbands side

Last Updated on June 24, 2021 by MyGh.Online

Adwoa Saah, a Ghanaian television celebrity, has revealed how she handles her husband’s sidekicks.

Adwoa Saah resorted to Instagram to share a video about how women should react if they discover their husband has a sidekick.

Her suggestions appeared to be based on personal experience.

She advised any woman who discovers her husband is having an affair with another woman to be patient at first.

Adwoa Saah believes that calling the sidekick to try to scare her away is a bad idea.

That, she claims, never works!

It may irritate or incite the sidekick to become even more motivated to get into your house.

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When you learn your husband is cheating, the first step, according to Adwoa, is to examine yourself as a woman.

You must analyze yourself, according to her, to discover if you are doing anything incorrectly.

If you find something about yourself that has to be improved after your assessment, do so!

If the problem is not with you, you will have to turn to your husband.

The next step, according to Adwoa, is to sit down with your husband and discuss his actions.

If your spouse still does not change after that, pray for God to sow misunderstanding between him and the sidekick!

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If all else fails, Saah claims that prayer can help you solve your problem.

Listen to her advice in the video below…

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