“Afia Schwar gives slay queens to ministers to sleep with and later film them for blackmail”

"Afia Schwar gives slay queens to ministers to sleep with and later film them for blackmail"
Afia Schwar gives slay queens to ministers to sleep with

Last Updated on July 13, 2021 by MyGh.Online

Afia Schwar, a Ghanaian actress and comedienne, is accused of secretly filming politicians having s** with slay queens and blackmailing them, according to a new rumor.

Twene Jonas, the social media sensation and political activist, has taken another shot at Afia Schwar alias Fufu Funu in his latest video.

Twene Jonas revealed that Afia Schwar is a top pimp for Ghanaian politicians, providing them with females to keep them warm in their beds.

Schwar is able to move camps from the NDC to the NPP because of her profession as a pimp, according to Twene Jonas. She is connected to both parties since she allegedly trained ashawo females and pimped them to politicians.

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Twene Jonas said that whenever Afia Schwarzenegger needs to deliver one of those trained females to the men, they book a flight for her to Dubai or another exotic location so she may prepare for them while they wait for the butty!

Schwar, he claims, has been surreptitiously photographing politicians having affairs with their side chics in order to blackmail them for property later when she becomes greedy.

Afia Schwar, according to Jonas, can either hunt them down for a car, a house, or whatever else that comes to mind.

Those who have slept with Afia Schwar in the past, according to Jonas, will most likely commit suicide if they learn about her diseases and what she does to stay alive.

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