All the cab colours in different cities in Nigeria

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Cabs or taxis in Nigeria are commercial or private cars used to transport groups of people from one place to the other.

While Yellow-and-black are widely accepted as the colour of cabs all over the world, it isn’t the same here in Nigeria. Most states have distinct, uniform colours to signify cabs, or “drops” as they’re more commonly called.

As the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja uses the national flag colours, green and white, for their cabs and keke/tricycles. The cabs are usually very cheap and more commonly used than buses. They even operate the “along” which takes about 4-5 people at once and drops them at various bus stops along the way.

Enugu also uses the yellow and black that Lagos uses for their cabs but the black stripes are either not used or hang lower than that of Lagos kekes. Cabs are also not as expensive as in Lagos, but most people use kekes for public transport.

Though Taxify has come to give Ibadan cab drivers a run for their money, the yellow and brown on hundreds of mini 1990s Japanese Nissan Micra car will not fade in a hurry. Edo has a similar cab colour but has a lighter yellow than that of Ibadan.

The Mazda vehicle with flashy headlights painted green and yellow is what characterises Ilorin cabs.

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