An amusement park would bring out the child in you

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Do you remember the thrill you felt as you went down a rollercoaster? Frightened and excited? Why not recreate those moments.

At amusement parks, there are a variety of things you can do. Some amusement parks have bumper cars, trains, mountain climbing exercises, rollercoasters and different types of rides.

Food and snacks are never something to worry about. Amusement parks sell a variety of things to munch on.

Pleasure park has a model train, two cinemas, a climbing maze and a restaurant and bar, not to mention a lot of Bole and Fish.

Kaduna State has one of the best parks in Nigeria. When I grew up it was called Gamji park now it is called Splash Park. Splash park is a very park, it goes on for acres. You cannot walk the length and breadth, you have to go there with a vehicle.

Crocodiles aren’t the only animals you will get to see, you would see ostriches and other exotic animals

Abuja has so many amusement parks, it is truly hard to choose the best to visit. My picks are Wonderland and Magic land. They have a lot of rides, activities and confectionaries.

For my Lagos people, Apapa amusement park is one of the best places to have fun. According to hotels ng, “There are different types of entertaining games to keep you hooked at the park. Some include Rides, Adult Games, Junior Games, Children Games, Kart Racing, Gardens, Restaurant and Coffee shops, Snack Bars, Passages, Fountains…”

Did I miss out on your favorite amusement park? What is it?

So, this weekend if you are looking to have fun, visit an amusement park.

It’s so easy to run out of outing ideas. We Outside is a content series that helps you with ideas for what to do for a fun outing. It’s a series of places to go to and things to do if you want to have fun in town.

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