Are women really terrible at apologising when they're wrong?

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It is not a big deal, really. We know love is not about perfection. It is more about navigating weaknesses and strengthening each other.

But during the process of attaining that perfect understanding, there will be times when you’ll likely get it wrong, when some of your actions will hurt your partner and make them sad or unhappy. Your willingness to apologise and your partner’s ability to forgive will be tested at this point, and this could determine whether you ultimately make up or breakup.

The very popular notion about men and women in relationships is that you could never hear them breathe the word, “I’m sorry” and would rather do some other thing, any other thing to show [subtle] remorse, rather than say the word ‘I am sorry.’

Actually, there is no evidence to prove this belief that women never apologise when they are wrong. On the contrary, what exists is an obvious existence of partners who just would never admit that they are wrong.

A refusal to admit wrongdoing is a behavioural defect that’s not particular to any gender, and both men and women can be victims of such difficult partners.

Apparently, it’s nothing more than banter that women never apologise for their wrongs in relationships, and men can also be just as guilty of that.

It has nothing to do with gender.

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