Baby, I’m into girls, please forgive me- Moment lady confesses to her boyfriend that she’s a lesbobo

A lady, with much reluctance, has told her boyfriend that she’s into girls while begging for his forgiveness.

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In a WhatsApp chat between the lady and her boyfriend leaked on the internet, the lady revealed that her bestie Jenniffer is actually her sexual partner revealing that she’s madly in love with her.

She proceeds to tell the guy that she loves them both but she’s presently in a fix on how to deal with the two of them simultaneously.

See the leaked chat below;

In other trending news, photos of a 52-year old woman looking younger and fresher than her age have wowed netizens.

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The unnamed woman uploaded the photos of herself holding a balloon-shaped figure that says she is 52 as she marks her birthday in grand style.

Not only has she defied physics by aging backward but she looks so beautiful and hot.

If there’s a perfect demonstration of the maxim ‘age is just a number’, this woman has loads of it which she just unleashed.

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