Baffling claims moon landing faked as 'see-through' astronaut seen on NASA video

A camera glitch made it seem like the astronaut was 'see-through'
Baffling claims moon landing faked as 039see through039 astronaut seen on

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It is one of the most infamous conspiracies of all time – did NASA fake its Apollo 11 moon landing?

Despite overwhelming evidence against the theory, believers still maintain humans have never actually left Earth.

They bizarrely claim all footage and images have been doctored and tampered to give the impression astronauts have landed on the moon – when in fact they were simply taken in a film studio.

And the conspiracy has now reignited after a strange detail in an official NASA video was spotted online.

The video in question, shared at the top of this site, was posted on the space agency’s website in July 2019 after being restored 10 years earlier.

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It shows one of the astronauts walking down the ladder of the spacecraft before landing on the moon’s surface.

A camera glitch made it seem like the astronaut was 'see-through'
A camera glitch made it seem like the astronaut was ‘see-through’

Bizarrely, a camera glitch makes the astronaut’s body seem “see-through”, as the horizon can be seen on the other side.

But Scott C Waring, who has gained a reputation for some outlandish theories including badgers living on Mars, believes this glitch is in fact proof the moon landing is faked.

“Astronauts aren’t supposed to be see-through,” he said.

“What I believe is they filmed the moon and the ladder and module on the set somewhere and they superimposed the astronaut on it coming down.

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“It wasn’t a real astronaut, the astronaut wasn’t there originally.”

Buzz Aldrin stands next to a United States flag on July 20, 1969
Buzz Aldrin stands next to a United States flag on July 20, 1969

Scott’s video has been seen more than 2,000 times in a matter of hours and sparked a fierce debate in the comments section.

One bizarrely said: “It was real moon landing footage but they doctored it as you described to hide all the observing crafts in the background. Or it’s all a load of crap, who knows.”

Another agreed, adding: “Early green screen fail.”

But others weren’t so convinced, suggesting the restoration of the video may have altered some of the movements in it.

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“Digital compression can do some weird things, especially with old video where the resolutions don’t match to current resolutions,” one sceptic wrote.

“AI tries to fill in scan lines that didn’t exist originally. And with compression, you can even have elements from previous frames remain in all other frames. So I think we would need an expert video analyst to call this definitive proof that this shot was faked.”

While the moon landing conspiracy may never go away, there is plenty of conclusive evidence that pretty much rules it out completely.

One of the main ones is the technology needed to produce such convincing fakes – in terms of videos and audio – simply was not available in 1969.

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