Bella’s New Boyfriend, Mawuli Exposed By His Baby Mama For Abandoning His Three Kids For Fame

Bella’s New Boyfriend, Mawuli Exposed By His Baby Mama For Abandoning His Three Kids For Fame
Bellas New Boyfriend Mawuli Exposed By His Baby Mama For

Last Updated on June 30, 2021 by MyGh.Online

We have obtained unique information on DateRush participant Bella’s partner, dubbed “the greatest journalism.”

Before we get into the details, remember that when musician Kodark arrived on the program looking for love, he was partnered with Bella of DateRush.

Things did not go as planned once Bella chose him, as she abandoned him in favor of another singer named Mawuli Youngestgad1.

Bella accused him of cheating on her with Abena Korkor and Bibi, another contestant on the show. Despite the fact that she lacked substantial proof to back up her accusation, she broke up with Kodark after he offered to purchase her a Mercedes.

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Now, according to our anonymous source, Bella’s new lover, Mawuli Youngestgad1, has abandoned his baby mother, with whom he has three children.

The insider shared a screenshot of the baby’s mother speaking with one of her friends, and she expressed her disappointment that Bella had dumped a nice man for a womanizer.

We went back to a photo Mawuli had posted of Bella on her profile, where he promised to purchase her a Benz, to verify the claim. Bella’s photo was unexpectedly removed from Mawuli Youngestgad1’s page, demonstrating that there is turmoil in paradise.

Take a look at the screenshot below to read the conversation.

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