Birthdays aren't happy anymore

Birthdays aren't happy anymore
Birthdays aren039t happy anymore

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Unlike our juvenile days when birthdays were all about candles, cakes, balloons, and clowns. After stepping into a wilderness called adulthood, there is an added feature to the days we celebrate our birth: An added guest to the party, Anxiety.

I ran a brief survey in my quest to know why. How and where did this huge insecurity about our age come from?

And a conclusion I came to, is that it is relative to different people.

You see, with every nerve of anxiety surging at the mere mention of one’s age is an unfulfilled goal or an unsatisfied desire.

A young boy is ashamed to publicly celebrate his birthday because he hasn’t gained admission into college.

A woman in her 40s will rather be silent on her birthdays because she doesn’t have kids.

A man wouldn’t celebrate his birthday because he hasn’t landed that dream job.

All these because we put unimaginable, insurmountable, and unnecessary pressure on ourselves to have hit certain milestones (sometimes unrealistic) at certain stages of our lives.

Most times, the anxiety is rightly justified. You might be in a certain place in your life right now where you never saw yourself a year ago. I am a huge example

the sooner we realise and begin to act on the blunt fact that ‘somethings are beyond our direct control’, the more gentle we become on ourselves as we grow and age.

The title of this article is ‘Birthdays Aren’t Happy Anymore’.

But for us who spend our birth dates, weeks, and months anticipating a certain age and being anxious about the uncertainty it brings forth.

I hope we can live without attaching this heavy wall clock over our heads.

I hope we can give ourselves air to breathe,

I wish we can outgrown the anxiety that comes with the +1s.

I wish we could just live.

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