Bizarre 'dinosaur egg' growing on woman's roof sparks horrifying theories of what it is

The strange picture of what looked like an egg stumped social media users
Bizarre 039dinosaur egg039 growing on woman039s roof sparks horrifying theories

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A mum has left social media users stumped after posting a picture of what some claimed looked like a “dinosaur egg”.

The bizarre image was uploaded to a popular Facebook page by a woman called Amy, who shared a snap of a strange egg-like object protruding from a roof.

She wrote on the Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas page: “This is inside my friend’s son’s wardrobe.

“They don’t know if it’s always been there and they’ve never seen it or if it’s just appeared. They’ve not long moved.

“Anyone any ideas what it is? And what they should do?”

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The post sparked a huge reaction about what the strange object could be with many commenters baffled, 7 News reports.

The strange picture of what looked like an egg stumped social media users
The strange picture of what looked like an egg stumped social media users

Some feared the “egg” could be home to spiders, while others came up with any even more outlandish suggestion.

One said: “If this was a billion years ago, I’d say we have a dinosaur egg on our hands.”

Another added: “My other half was in pest control and he believes it’s a spiders’ egg nest. You can (vacuum) it up and then put a load of raid (to kill spiders) in the hoover.

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“If it is a spiders’ nest then there will be thousands in there.”

A third put forward: “I’d suggest a biohazard suit, insect spray, some form of fire, poke it and see what happens at least you’re prepared.”

Another exclaimed: “Oh hell no. I’d not be touching that full stop. Call Ghostbusters immediately!”

After an investigation by Amy’s father-in-law, it was discovered that the egg-shaped substance was simply “expanding foam” from the roof of the house, despite fears it was a swarm of insects.

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