Brit convinced he's spotted 'alien' floating over city in bizarre footage

Joseph said the mysterious object hovered over him for two or three minutes
Brit convinced he039s spotted 039alien039 floating over city in bizarre

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A gardener is trying to get to the bottom of what he believes was a mysterious alien floating above Plymouth – although no one else appears to have seen it.

Joseph Cutting said he was out in his garden on Saturday night (July 17) when he was taken aback by a strange object floating above him.

“I was watering my plants and then I had to do my neighbour’s plants. She’s got like a back patio at the top end with steps,” he told Plymouth Live.

“I was trying to reach over there and then all of a sudden I saw this thing flying, floating towards the other side.

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Joseph said the mysterious object hovered over him for two or three minutes
Joseph said the mysterious object hovered over him for two or three minutes

“I thought ‘Wait, what’s that?’ I got out my phone and started recording.

“I posted it on my group chat on my Snapchat, then I posted it on my Facebook, then I posted it to Plymouth Live, but no one else has said they’ve seen it.”

His pals on Facebook have speculated that what he filmed at about 9.30pm was a Chinese lantern.

Joseph, 33, said the mysterious object was floating above him for two or three minutes.

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He added that he wasn’t sure whether he believed in aliens or not but is convinced that he did see one this time – or, at least, he saw “a balloon shaped like an alien if I looked up close through the camera”.

In the footage, the unidentified object bobs up and down a few times, often disappearing behind houses only to re-emerge moments later.

Despite his experience, Joseph says he's still not sure if he believes in extraterrestrials

“It would have been flying over Honicknowle green towards the Victory Pub,” said Joseph.

“It was moving. It went up, then it moved across, then it floated down.”

He added: “I’m just confused, really. I’d like to know if anyone else saw it. My friends probably think I’m crazy but I’ve got photo evidence.”

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