Cat 'stroked by ghost' as moggy behaves like he's being petted by invisible hand

The cat was behaving in an odd way some said was paranormal
Cat 039stroked by ghost039 as moggy behaves like he039s being

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A woman was understandably freaked out when her cat started meowing and leaning into space like he was being petted by an invisible force.

The unexplained footage left many believers in the paranormal suggesting ghosts might be responsible.

In a TikTok video uploaded by user @2211ttl, the cat is clearly distracted by something and is meowing in excitement while the 2021 thriller The Little Things plays on a TV in the background.

The cat gives a long squeak and nudges his head into the air like he expects to get stroked.

He then moves his body like is being pushed downwards from above.

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The cat was behaving in an odd way some said was paranormal
The cat seemed to behave like it was being stroked by an invisible hand

The cat’s freaked-out owner wrote in the on-screen text he was “meowing like crazy and looked like he was being petted”.

She added it “seriously looked like he was sniffing something and nothing was there” and left her “scared” right before she went to bed.

The video was watched more than one million times and it freaked out a lot of other viewers too who were unable to explain the feline’s spooky behaviour.

The cat looked like it was being pushed down
The cat also seemed to be sniffing something that wasn’t there

One person said: “Nobody else worried the cat made dead eye contact and said ‘uh oh’ twice?”

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A second user wrote: “Look at the way he tightens up his back to his tail.

“He absolutely looks like he is being pet not just being weird.”

A third user said: “I get a very weird vibe from this video. Not a nice one either.

“I think you should call someone in or move. That cat is telling you something.”

Someone else joked: “I mean if I were a ghost I would definitely go and pet random people’s cats.”

Meanwhile, other people suggested the cat might have neurological problems but his owner said in the comments that he had been to the vet and this was not the case.

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She also said he only behaved weirdly like that in one particular room in the house.

For now, the mystery is unsolved.

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