Cecilia Marfo is still a baby in Christ Diana Asamoah

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Gospel musicians, Cecilia Marfo and Diana Asamoah

Worshipping God is not about preaching, Diana Asamoah

Shouting during prayers doesn’t show maturity in God, Diana Asamoah

Cecilia Marfo is immature in Christ, Diana Asamoah

Cecilia Marfo is yet to mature in her walk with Christ, Diana Asamoah has said.

Diana Asamoah, a gospel musician said this about her fellow gospel musician Cecilia Marfo when she appeared on the Zion Felix Uncut Show with Zion Felix.

Responding to whether Cecilia Marfo is mature in God asked by Zion Felix, Diana Asamoah said she is not, but she believes with constant guidance, she is getting there.

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“Cecilia is yet to mature in God but I believe by the grace of God, through guidance and counselling, she is growing,” said Diana Asamoah.

Diana added, “The holy spirit can be controlled if He is truly working within you. Imagine I start speaking to you right now in tongues, you won’t understand it. When you are mature in Christ, worshipping God is not about preaching or praying on top of your lungs. It also doesn’t mean that shouting in prayer is not good but let the works of your life depict maturity in God.”

In 2017, Cecilia allegedly slapped Brother Sammy at a programme at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium in Kumasi.

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The incident courted lots of reactions both on social media and local media platforms.

However, Cecilia Marfo has denied doing such wrong to Brother Sammy recently on the ‘ATUU’ show hosted by Abeiku Santana.

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