Couple’s Therapy: 4 Nigerians talk about dealing with annoying in-laws

Couple’s Therapy: 4 Nigerians talk about dealing with annoying in-laws
Couples Therapy 4 Nigerians talk about dealing with annoying in laws

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I asked four married couples how they felt about having annoying in-laws and how they handled whatever differences they might have.

Esther said, “My sister-in-law is my neighbor, she just entered my house went straight to the kitchen without greeting me or telling me what she wanted, or sometimes she calls me just to ask how my child is and doesn’t even ask about me.”

Ipalibo said, “My in-laws tend to be too secretive. They keep family issues between themselves like it is some sort of secret. It makes me feel like they do not accept me as part of the family.

How did you cope with their actions and resolve whatever differences you have?

Esther said, “I spoke to my husband about it, and he relaxed my nerves.”

Ipalibo said “I tried to point it out, but they still act that way, so I thought it best to ignore them and keep myself out of issues they do not want me to know about.”

Isaac said, “If they annoy me, I will try to present the matter amicably so that we can resolve it.”

Tiwa said “I would try to understand them.”

Esther said “I would feel left out”

Ipalibo, “If my husband listens to what his family wants or asks, that is okay. It is always proper to give listening ears to family. What would not be proper is if he must do their bidding at the expense of I and his children.”

Isaac said, “I would feel suspicious and sad.”

Tiwa said, “I would not feel good at all.”

Esther, “I will reconcile them because love and unity is key and, family is everything.”

Ipalibo said, “My spouse and I are one and, if they attack my spouse for no just cause, they attack me as well. I will make that known to them in clear terms.

I would try to ascertain the root cause of the attacks and try to reconcile them. Family is family, so I would not ostracize them. I would only set boundaries so, they know their limits, but we would still be good as a family.”

Isaac, “I would make sure they reconcile. My family is important to me.”

Tiwa, “I would reconcile with them.”

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