“Covid Delta” Variant- Digital Tech partnership delivers major solution

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Covid Delta Variant Digital Tech partnership delivers major solution

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As the world reels from the threat of COVID-19’s new and highly contagious Delta variant, two US companies say their new alliance offers real hope of safe co-existence with the virus and potential future infectious diseases.

SafelyThrive offers an all-in-one health and safety infrastructure solution for businesses and schools during the ‘COVID era’. As the pandemic evolves, SafelyThrive identifies capabilities that reduce the ‘time to action’, getting information to leaders in a format that makes it easier to react with appropriate risk mitigation strategies.

Cityzenith, the global leader in Digital Twin visualization technology, digitally replicates a building or community and enables real-time visualization of risks as well as recovery paths. The companies have partnered to introduce Cityzenith’s SmartWorldOS™ into the existing SafelyThrive health and safety response service platform.

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Together, they offer public and private sector entities increased confidence in the identification and mitigation of not just COVID risks, but a broader set of risks to businesses, communities, and governance presented as a single integrated solution.

“Our company name says everything about our customer objectives in education, government, entertainment, and travel,” said SafelyThrive CEO Kevin Murdock.

“Enterprise customers thrive when they restore service and revenue faster. Their employees thrive as they return to their offices and restore income in a lower risk environment.

“Community members, students, and clients thrive with increased interaction, recreation, and education. The Cityzenith technology speeds decisions that help communities thrive sooner.

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“The emergence, and now global acceleration of the Delta variant confirms the ongoing COVID threat and continuously changing face of the disease. Further, reports indicate reduced vaccine efficacy over time and evolution in COVID may drive the need for boosters and frequent vaccine formulation changes to dampen its ongoing effects.

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“The Digital Twin partnership between SafelyThrive and Cityzenith enhances our offering for the near-term COVID threat and provides a proactive health-safety critical infrastructure response that can support a broader set of threats by expanding all-in-one screening, testing, and tracking with faster and more informed response.”

Jeff Hrush, Vice President of Sales at SafelyThrive, also commented: “The SmartWorldOS™ Digital Twin platform enhances SafelyThrive offerings beyond pandemic response. Cityzenith’s rich user interface preserves the value of the risk management investment. Visualization of viral positivity, strain identification, on-site proximity monitoring, and protective best practices expands into disaster recover, mass casualty, and workplace violence risk reduction.”

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Cityzenith CEO Michael Jansen responded: “We are proud to be part of such an important public health initiative as SafelyThrive. SmartWorldOS™ enhances SafelyThrive’s managed service platform using detailed community and event data to optimize health, safety, security, and environment. The trust we established with global real estate, energy, and infrastructure leaders will accelerate our combined efforts to improve health and safety.”

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For more information on SafelyThrive and Cityzenith, please contact: or +44 7973 159065

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