Date Rush: Bibi finally reveals why she didn’t choose Sammy

Bibi Sammy daterush
Date Rush Bibi finally reveals why she didnt choose Sammy

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Bibi, one of the female contestants on the famous reality TV show Date Rush, has shared peculiar reasons why she did not pick Sammy Aboagye despite confessing his feelings for her.

Sammy, 23, is a final year student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). He gained popularity after a viral video captured him crying uncontrollably because a girl called Nana Ama had dumped him for allegedly cheating on her.

On May 2, he appeared on Season 5; Episode 4 of TV3’s reality show in a quest to find love again. Out of the 10 contestants, 22-year-old Ruth remained the only lady to keep her buzzer turned on after the 3rd round, indicating she had an interest in going on a date with Sammy.

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However, the feeling was not mutual for Sammy as he sadly he turned down Ruth. He explained that Ruth looked older than him and could be confused for his mother if they ever get the chance to go out.

Apparently, Sammy had grown feelings for Bibi on stage but she was also not interested in him. Sammy eventually lost Ruth who had disappointed written all over her face after Sammy rejected her

In an exclusive interview with GHPage, Bibi, who claims to be a virgin, has opened up about the incident that happened a few weeks back.

According to her, she did not want to appear as an opportunist that would ride on Sammy’s infamous heartbreak history to promote her personal agenda. She said she wanted everything to be real.

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She also said Sammy appeared to be talkative which is one of her turn off traits in a man. She expected his looks and demeanour alone to do the talking for him.

Additionally, Bibi said Sammy’s sense of fashion was not in order.

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