Deprived island community receives support from Health Support Foundation

Deprived island community receives support from Health Support Foundation
Deprived island community receives support from Health Support Foundation

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Health Support Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organisation has handed over a newly constructed classroom blocks along other learning facilities to Bomigo, an island community in the Anloga District of the Volta Region.

The aid is intended to improve teaching and learning in the deprived community.

The Foundation took interest in Bomigo when they realised their school lacked decent classroom facilities which made it difficult for school children to learn effectively, especially when it rains.

Not only did the NGO commission a classroom block for the people but also ensured hundreds of residents received a comprehensive medical screening, livelihood empowerment, literacy improvement initiatives as well as donations of assorted educational items.

The move, according to the Chief Executive Officer of the company, James Mawuli Gawu is to make sure that there is a serene and safe learning environment.

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Deprived island community receives support from Health Support Foundation 5

Mr Gawu noted that the school is very underprivileged hence, needed a facelift of the deplorable block the children were using adding.

He admitted it was sad to see kindergarten children sitting on the floor in a palm frond structure to study, a situation that attracted their attention.

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“We decided to provide a comprehensive classroom set up including all the materials for a stimulating academic environment that would enable them to grow well,” he said.

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Deprived island community receives support from Health Support Foundation 6

The CEO noted that investing in children and ensuring that they get their fundamental rights is very important in the growth of every nation, as they grow to become great leaders to be proud of.

He said although the organisation is a health NGO, they try to do community-based programs to respond to the Fundamental needs of struggling communities.

James Gawu revealed that the funding for the project was raised through social media and friends who believe in the vision of the organization, adding “our focus is mostly on the hardtop reach community that lacks several amenities to improve on the standards of living in the communities”.

He appealed to organisations to focus on deprived communities like Bomigo who needs all the facilities even more than those in the urban communities.

Mr Gawu added, “children in these communities write the same examination as those in the big schools but lack the facilities and are very deprived but expected to also pass their examination and we as a country should take these things very seriously.”

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The Health Support Foundation has been in existence for seven years and has been to all regions in the country with a focus to work for the benefit of the various communities.

On the health screening, Mr Gawu noted that several cases of, Malaria Typhoid Fever, eye problem and many other health-related problems were reported.

The affected residents were treated with some referred to the health facilities in the districts.

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Deprived island community receives support from Health Support Foundation 7

The District Director of Education, Yvonne Akpene Ame-Bruce commended the Health Support Foundation for great initiatives over the past months which has improved the lives of the residents.

She called on all stakeholders to come together in support of a good course like what the foundation has already started.

Madam Ame –Bruce urged residents to adopt the culture of maintenance to prolong the lifespan of the project.

The headmaster of the school, Benjamin Worlanyo Awuku narrated how bad the problem was prior to the intervention. He stated that it made teaching and learning unattractive and very difficult adding.

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“We had a terrible situation especially with the KG where their structure was very deplorable and had to reach out to the Health Support Foundation for assistance and today we are very happy to have a well-furnished new block for our younger children to study in,” he said.

Mr Awuku noted that Bomigo, apart from struggling to travel on the river to the community, there are many other challenges that need urgent attention not only from the government but other organisations like the Health Support Foundation.

The Bomigo community is an island comprised of around 1500 inhabitants in the coastal areas close to Anloga in the Keta District of the Volta Region of Ghana.

It is a community surrounded by the salty waters of the Keta Lagoon, around 146 kilometres from Ho, with a final journey by boat the only way to reach the island from the mainland.

Due to its remote location, its natural resources are yet to be exploited while the several challenges it faces remain unsolved.


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