Devil worshippers clip interrupts TV news broadcast as robed man declares 'Hail Satan'

The Satanic ritual flashed up for an unknown reason
Devil worshippers clip interrupts TV news broadcast as robed man

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A bizarre gaffe on a news program meant a Satanic ritual was shown on the screen during a segment about police dogs.

In the clip from the ABC newsroom, the new host is talking about a new law that would mean harsher penalties, including prison, for offenders who harm police dogs in Australia.

A police dog was stabbed in Brisbane last year, which led to a demand that the law was changed.

Unfortunately, things then go haywire and a clip of men in suits talking with no audio is shown, quickly followed by what looks like a “dark mass”.

In the accidental clip, a man in black robes is standing behind an altar with the Satanic symbols of the pentagram and the upside-down cross also in the shot.

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The Satanic ritual flashed up for an unknown reason
The Satanic ritual flashed up during a live broadcast on Australia’s ABC News

“Hail Satan,” he says, lifting up his arms.

The clip then flashes back to the newsroom and the presenter grimaces before continuing as if nothing has happened.

Since it was shared on Twitter by @ABCmediawatch on Friday (August 20) the clip has been watched more than 200,000 times and inundated with comments.

“Cameras momentarily switched to the Break Room,” quipped one person.

A second viewer joked: “Someone is leaking cabinet footage.”

The newsreader kept her cool and moved onto the next segment
The cameras quickly cut back to the startled-looking newsreader

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While most people seemed to find it funny, one offended user wrote: “Seems literally impossible to believe that a video clip splice like that was accidental not to mention why a network would even have that sort of video to begin with…

“This world is so damn evil it’s gross.”

It seems like the clip of the so-called Satanic worship was probably something to do with The Noosa Temple of Satan who are taking their fight for Satanism to be taught in Queensland schools to Australia’s Supreme Court.

The group, mostly comprised of atheists, has been fighting against proposed laws that would make it legal to discriminate against someone for religious reasons.

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