Do you know about the first and only female Alaafin of Oyo, Orompoto?

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Alaafin Ajiun Orompotoniyun, simply called Orompoto, was the first and only female Alaafin of Oyo. She ruled the Oyo empire in the 16th century, speculatively from 1554 to 1562.

The Oyo empire, located in what is modern day western and north-central Nigeria, is a Yoruba empire which grew to be one of the largest and most influential in West Africa.

Legend has it that she cut off her breasts and wore men’s clothes for the Oyo Mesi to accept her as Alaafin.

Her cavalrymen and ingenious strategies were well respected.

According to the tales, she moved her warriors to attack enemies by keeping her foot soldiers in front and the calvarymen behind, with broad leaves tied on the horses’ tails to sweep the ground after them and cover their trails.Her victory at the battle of Illayi is also a tale widespread in Oyo.

She is said to have died in battle, one of the few Alaafins to have actually died in combat.

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