Doctors ‘need to prescribe sex robots' as therapy, experts urge

Sex doll
Doctors ‘need to prescribe sex robots039 as therapy experts urge

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Sex-perts are urging doctors to prescribe sex robots as a form of therapy for digisexualities.

Members of the International Online Sexology Supervisors organisation are hosting an online lecture called “Sex with robots: Therapeutic challenges and Opportunities” today (June 4) to discuss the issue.

According to Sex Tech Guide, the event will discuss the use of sex robots being prescribed by medical professionals as conversations become more open about digisexualities.

The tech guide said: “The use of radical new sexual technologies – digisexualities – are here, and as technologies advance, their adoption is increasing, including engagement with sex dolls and robots.

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Sex doll
Digisexuality is a person who receives sexual satisfaction through technology

“Researchers have found that both people, and clinicians, have mixed feelings about digisexualities.

“Yet, clinicians need to be aware of digisexualities, as well as the opportunities and challenges in engaging with such sexual technologies.

“Indeed, in order to remain ethical and viable, clinicians need to be prepared to work with clients engaging with digisexualities, including with sex dolls and robots.”

Sex robot with AI 'lifelike' quality dazzles human customers.
Sex robot with AI ‘lifelike’ quality dazzles human customers.

Dr Markie Twist, from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, will lead the discussion on how clinicians could use sex robots to help patients, the Sun reports.

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Twist told CBS: “Digisexuality is just anytime you’re using technology in sex or relationships.

“Whether it’s through Snapchat or Skype, or meeting people online through Tinder or Bumble.

“Everybody’s more or less a digisexual in this first wave sense.”

Experts are pushing for sex dolls to be prescribed to patients for therapy.

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The term “digisexuality” was first used in a 2017 paper in the Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy and has become a term to define “people whose primary sexual identity comes through the use of technology”.

Some believe the term defines a person who only receives sexual satisfaction from technology whereas others coin it as anyone who uses technology in their sex lives – meaning anything from robots to vibrators.

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