Don’t flirt with me, I’m ashawo, I will chop you – Pretty lady says- Watch

A beautiful lady has warned guys who could be swayed by her incredible beauty that she’s a whore whose only modus operandi is to ‘chop’ without any strings attached.

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The lady sounded the warning in a TikTok video that is presently trending.

While emitting sensual gestures, the lady continued to say any man who fails to heed her warning and probably falls in love with her would have himself to blame.

Watch the video below;

Meanwhile, the work of masseurs has come under the spotlight owing to videos highlighting their job descriptions emerging on the internet.

‘Masseuse’ is a French word that refers to a female who practices massage. (Males in the industry were known as “masseurs.”)

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However, due to certain unsavory connotations with the term (as well as the need for more gender-neutral terminology), “massage therapist” is preferred.

These massage therapists take their clients mostly women through erotic routines designed as massaging, per previous we have seen on the internet.

We have come across a similar video this time around capturing the activity of two masseurs working on a woman.

Once you watch the video, you would also know why netizens always make noise about their modus operandi.

Watch the video below;


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