Drama over Asawase NPP, NDC peace pact

Drama over Asawase NPP, NDC peace pact
Drama over Asawase NPP, NDC peace pact

Last Updated on August 24, 2020 by MyGh.Online

MP for the Asawase Constituency Muntaka Mubarack
MP for the Asawase Constituency, Muntaka Mubarak

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Asawase constituency in the Ashanti region has refused to sign a Regional Peace Council pact with the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The party finally signed the peace pact but said its delay was borne out of mistrust for the police and Electoral Commission (EC).

Parts of the constituency witnessed pockets of unrests during the EC’s voter registration exercise.

The Peace Council engaged the NDC and NPP on Monday to find a lasting solution to the recurring political tension in the area.

But the NDC had issues with unresolved security matters.

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The meeting was geared towards getting the two political parties to commit to peace in the Asawase constituency.

After deliberations the peace document was left idle for more than thirty minutes after the NPP had signed its part.

NDC executives were seen consulting among themselves. Early on, police had committed to neutrality in all matters.

But the NDC brought up issues they believed police had failed to address during the voter registration exercise.

After minutes of deliberations, the NDC agreed to sign the pact with a condition. This was after all the other stakeholders in the meeting had left.

The Asawase constituency Secretary Mugis Magbi justified their action.

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He explained that, due to what happened during the voter registration exercise, they don’t have confidence in the EC.

The only way the NDC will sign the peace pact, he said, is for the EC to assure them of a free and fair election.

Chairman of the National Peace Council, Prof. Emmanuel Asante said the Council will do more to ensure peace is maintained in the constituency.


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