Drinking competition: Man drops dead after drinking full bottle of hard liquor [Video]

Chaos at Teshie as Chief priest attacked, shrine almost vandalized
Chaos at Teshie as Chief priest attacked shrine almost vandalized

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A drinking competition recorded a casualty after one of the contestants dropped dead after consuming a full bottle of hard liquor.

What started in a bar like a joke took a serious turn when a man volunteered to show his distinct drinking abilities.

He boasted about how strong and resolute he is to withsatnd the effect of hard liquor while the enthusiastic crowd cheered him on.

No sooner had he gulped down the content of the bottle than he gave in to the strong impact of the liquor. He tried very hard to vomit the substance but it was too late for him.

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Slowly, he went down after hitting his chest countlessly and feverishly.

The way and manner mourners thronged his funeral with alcohol clearly depicts how widely celebrated he was as a heavy drinker.

Check Out Video Below:

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