For Men: 5 strangest things women find attractive in you

For Men: 5 strangest things women find attractive in you
For Men 5 strangest things women find attractive in you

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Guys, relax. All of that is apparently banter as it does not reflect the whole truth of what women find attractive.

As opposed to what they’d make you believe, women actually have weird attractions and below are some of the most surprising ones.

Young women seem to have a thing for gray hair. Not necessarily a full head of it, but just enough speckle of it and you’ll have them drooling all over you.

You know that thin line of hair that teases from your stomach and disappears into your pants?

It’s makes certain women breathless and excited. No wonder they call it the happy trail.

Some women are attracted to the fading signs left behind by healed wounds.

They say they are rugged, masculine, exciting and hot.

In an opinion poll conducted on Reddit, women say they have a thing for short dudes.

“I just think tall guys are kinda intimidating. I like to have conversations at face level.”

Moni, a 23-year-old student tells me that she finds guys attractive when they can talk for long periods without getting tired.

“I like talking a lot. So I love it when I am talking with a guy and he never gets tired as most guys tend to do with babes.

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