Four ways to improve your life

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Four ways to improve your life

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“Improvement does not happen simply because you are growing. It happens because you have done something to make it happen.”

Anything that does not improve in life becomes obsolete with time. This is because the world is moving forward; the world is changing. Likewise, people who do nothing to improve the quality of their lives get left behind in life.

Improvement in life is non-negotiable. It is an absolute imperative. Without improvement, you will lose your essence. It is thus imperative that you follow a deliberate improvement program for your life. Improvement does not happen simply because you are growing. It happens because you have done something to make it happen.

Here are four ideas that could help you to improve your life:

  1. Step up your knowledge base. Recently, I came across an IBM document that predicted that the “build out of the ‘internet of things’ will lead to the doubling of knowledge every 12 hours. Well, the document was published in 2006. That should inform us that what they predicted might have happened or is happening. My question is, how much of this knowledge that is doubled every 12 hours comes to you or is generated by you? All of us are in the business of knowledge. If you don’t grow your knowledge base, you will soon become irrelevant in your field of endeavor.
  2. Seize bold opportunities. Technology has made many things possible. The frontiers of human existence expand daily. Only the bold and adventurous are able to keep pace with this expansion. Those who are afraid and timid become laggards in the ever-changing world. For you to be part of the forward movers, you must be bold and willing to do the audacious. Don’t be driven by skepticism, conservatism and timidity. Many times, the only way to move forward is to do something you have never done before.
  3. Save and invest. It is all right to work for money. The certainty about working for money is that there is no guarantee that you can work for it forever. That is why you need to let your money work for you. Don’t spend all the money that comes into your hands. Put some away, let it grow and it will serve you well in the near future. The world is getting more sophisticated every day. The minimum threshold of funds that will be required to maintain an average lifestyle will not be a walk in the park. As we progress towards the future, it is important that we prepare ourselves financially.
  4. Spend time with positive-minded people. You can’t improve without partnership with people. You need people to help you along the way. However, not every person you meet will be helpful to your cause. You must carefully identify people who will inspire, challenge and invest in you with the view to boosting your efforts. The wrong people in your life will frustrate your progress.
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English novelist Aldous Huxley believed that “There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.” If you decide to work on yourself, you will improve. Your fortunes in life will grow.

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