Frontal wigs are in vogue Frontal wigs are in vogue now, but what are the pros and consnow. Pros and cons.

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There are many types of frontal wigs such as full lace, lace 360, lace closure and frontal wigs.

Frontal wigs are loved for so many reasons. If properly installed, it looks like natural hair and, you can barely tell the difference. But, when it isn’t installed well, it is an eyesore.

A lace wig can be styled anyhow you want. You have more options. It can be style up in a high bun, parted, plaited.

It is difficult to install. Even some hairstylists are not well skilled. So you might end up looking quite tacky.

If your hairline is not good naturally, you should think twice before gluing things on it because it might damage your hairline.

It is more expensive and requires maintenance.

Because of how versatile these wigs are, there are many ways you can style them so you would not damage your edges.

You can decide to leave some part of your hair out and blend it with the lace frontal. (Although most people prefer to use the frontal wig’s hair for their edges.)

Another option is to get a lace closure or lace fringe that would not require adhesive.

Use the best products always!

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