Funny statues of Princess Diana from throughout history

Diana immortalised in black marble
Funny statues of Princess Diana from throughout history

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Prince Harry and Prince William have come together to unveil a new sculpture of their mum, Princess Diana in the grounds of Kensington Palace. The statue was commissioned to celebrate the charitable legacy of the late people’s princess.

It was designed and erected by famous artist Ian Rank-Broadley, a world-renowned sculptor who specialises in human form and has created plenty of pieces for the palace previously – including The Queen’s head that we see on our coins.

Although the new sculpture is the first lifelike statue of Diana to be commissioned by the palace, plenty of people have created some weird and wacky effigies of the icon over time.

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And after looking at some of the strange sculptures of Diana that already exist, it’s not hard to see why the palace are commissioning one of their own.

Princess Diana statues over time

Diana immortalised in black marble
Diana immortalised in black marble

Diana statue
This statue of Diana stands – strangely – outside of a funeral directors in Birmingham

This black marble effigy of Diana stands outside of a funeral directors in Bloxwich, Birmingham.

In a fittingly spooky fashion, the sculpture has grown algae formations and changed colour over time – fading from black to grey.

Designed by Sculptor Andre Walsh in 2000, the statue has faced a series of rejections – being refused by the local art centre and even Walsall bus station in Birmingham.

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Ironically, the unloved life of the piece couldn’t be further from that of the adored peoples princess.

Princess Diana as The Virgin Mary
Princess Diana as The Virgin Mary

An experimental piece – it’s fair to argue that this sculpture is something of a hybrid between Claire Balding and the Vicar of Dibley.

The waxy sculpture of Diana depicted as The Virgin Mary was displayed in Tate Liverpool in the early noughties.

Appearing as part of an exhibition called ‘The Heaven Collection’, the piece faced plenty of criticism from religious groups who found the statue a bit distasteful and bizarre.

Diana stone carving
Princess Diana appears to be strangled by her son, Prince William, in this piece of art

The Princess of Wales was also immortalised with this stone carved statue in India.

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It was made at the workshop of Dutch artist John Boetes in 2004.

Although we can appreciate the effort and the hours it took to make this creation, it looks nothing like the late Princess – and in a sinister interpretation – it even looks like Prince William is strangling his mother.

Diana in bronze
This bronze-cast Diana sculpture was deemed ‘tacky’

Diana and Dodi
Diana and Dodi were immortalised holding a dove

Harrods ditched this ‘tacky’ sculpture of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, sending it back to former owner Mohamed Al-Fayed.

The piece of art, which shows the pair looking slightly disfigured whilst holding a dove, was branded ‘distasteful’ by visitors.

Cast in bronze and brandished with the words ‘Innocent Victims’, the sculpture was erected in 2007 and removed in 2018.

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