Ghanaians have lost hope in the system but I am afraid to speak because my life is in danger – #FixTheCountry originator, Kalyjay writes

“Ghana has not gone back to the days of dumsor, we’re just doing maintenance works” – President Akufo-Addo assures
Ghana has not gone back to the days of dumsor

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Following the tragic killing of one Kaaka at Ejura who is reportedly part of the #FixTheCountry conveners, chilly shivers have been sent down the spine of many.

Last Friday, Efia Odo, one of the leaders of the #FixTheCountry protest was arrested at the precincts of the court in Accra together with 15 others and was later granted bail.

These activities have given many Ghanaians a lot to worry about especially when they do not know where they might end up if they publicly criticize the governemnt.

Some bit of hysteria, some bit of paranoia and some bit of fear is the reason why Kalyjay, the brain behind the entire #FixTheCountry campaign has coiled back into his shells since he fears for his life.

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Writing a short notice on Twitter that captures how many Ghanaians feel about the poor state of affairs, Kalyjay said he has the motivation to speak against bad governance, lack of social amenities, unemployment and falling systems but he feels he may be driving himself into grave danger if he does.

Ghanaians have lost hope in the health system, education system, security system and more. Our roads and other facilities are in deplorable states. Hight cost of living and a high level of unemployment. But I can’t shout #FixTheCountry because my life might be in danger.


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