Gifty Osei reveals why she vibes with Shatta Wale and secular musicians

Gifty Osei reveals why she vibes with Shatta Wale and secular musicians
Gifty Osei reveals why she vibes with Shatta Wale and

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Popular Ghanaian gospel musician, Gifty Osei, now Empress Gifty, has finally revealed why she prefers to work with secular artists over her fellow gospel musicians.

Gifty Osei reveals why she vibes with Shatta Wale and secular musicians 2

Gifty Osei claims her fellow gospel musicians are the most hypocritical in the entertainment business, and it irritates her.

The singer speaking in an interview as we monitored claimed some gospel musicians behave they are the only ones with the blessing and has already passed the way to heaven.

With that, Gifty says she prefers to hang out with secular musicians rather than her fellow gospel artists since she refers to their behavior as hypocritical.

Speaking in the interview on TV XYZ, Gifty Adorye said that she has built a strong relationship with secular musicians more than with other gospel performers.

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“I’m being honest, I’m very close to secular artists than my colleagues. Yes. Shatta, Sarkodie, like I’m cool with them. We are close because I think I’m too real and I don’t fake. I won’t meet them and start praying in tongues I’m not the one to tell them they don’t leave in good structures no.”

“This world we live in, no one is holy. We don’t have any righteous person so stop defining yourself as Spirit-filled, Holy Ghost, forget about that thing, we dealing with the heart. The person I might be judging may have a clean heart than me so I love them regardless.”

“Why is it that the gospel industry we are not making it more than them but we play more live bands than them but they receive more money than us because we are hypocrites”

Gifty furthered that she has no problem featuring secular musicians in songs because she feels they are all humans and that she has even recorded songs with most of them.

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“Oh this not the first time, I’ve done it before I did with Dadie Opanka on abubro nkosuo, I won’t sit here and say anything for someone to say I’m lying. I believe in music I believe in words, everytime I say it’s the mind and what you think of the person makes everything a sin or truth. Have you listened to the content of the song? It’s the content that matters. The person has his reasons for singing that particular song, so far as the person chose you amongst the lot for a feature, support the person to sing the song. I want to ask one thing am I God to judge them?

“God didn’t come because of righteous people so I’m not the one to judge anybody in this world. No. If the persons song will promote my genre and all, why not, I will help the person. I will do it, this not my first time, I’ve done it before.”

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