Google Earth user discovers creepy figure like 'Blair Witch' woman in forest

The Google Earth user zoomed in on a location in an unidentified forest
Google Earth user discovers creepy figure like 039Blair Witch039 woman

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A ghostly figure has been spotted lurking on a forest path by a freaked out Google Earth user.

TikToker shared his discovery earlier this month and the video has also received more than 4 million times.

It shows him zooming in, using Google Street View, on a road surrounded by woodland.

The camera lands him at a T-junction and when he pans around, he discovers a black figure standing in the distance.

When he zooms in, the figure appears to be a woman in a long dark outfit.

She bears a startling similarity to scenes from the famous 1999 horror movie The Blair Witch Project, where three students vanish after walking into a spooky wood.

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The Google Earth user zoomed in on a location in an unidentified forest
The Google Earth user zoomed in on a location in an unidentified forest

The clip was captioned: “This looks like something out of a horror movie.”

And viewers were quick to flood the comments section to voice their thoughts.

“Maybe that’s Pennywise from the movie in a jacket,” one wrote.

Another commented: “A ghost in a cemetery?”

“Omg that’s scary,” someone else said. But not everyone was scared by the scenes.

One sarcastically wrote: “Oh no. Someone walking on a walking path.”

And another added: “It’s just someone standing on a remote road.”

The creepy figure
The creepy figure in black would not look out of place from the horror classic Blair Witch Project

The TikTok user behind the chilling discovery has racked up more than 2 million followers on his page from sharing his bizarre finds on Google Earth.

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Back in February, he claimed to have found an “invisible” Us Air Force plane hiding in plain site on satellite images.

And at the beginning of the year, the user claimed to have discovered “Bigfoot” lurking in a field.

The mysterious hairy figure sparked a fierce debate online, with some suggesting it was simply a human in a costume.

Meanwhile, another Google Earth fan left the internet astounded after sharing a group of “creepy men” standing in a circle in a deserted ghost town.

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