Google Maps user who thinks he's found UFO disappointed to learn it's bird poo

Google Maps screenshot
Google Maps user who thinks he039s found UFO disappointed to

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A Reddit user was convinced he had caught a UFO on camera – but he was quickly shut down by bemused browsers who told him the mysterious object was actually just bird poo.

The photo posted to popular forum r/GoogleMaps shows a suburban American house with a saucer-like shape appearing to float in the sky above it.

So when user @joshmanchaz excitedly took to Reddit to share his ground-breaking snap, he was expecting others on the site to be impressed.

But his dreams of capturing alien life were shattered as he was quickly told: “I think you found bird s**t on the camera.”

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Google Maps screenshot
The Google Maps screenshot is not what it seems

In response, one person on the site quipped: “That’s what they want you to think.”

Whilst another fuelled the nutty theory that birds don’t actually exist and are planted by the US government with the claim that “birds aren’t real”.

The post has received 73 upvotes and sparked humour online.

One person joked: “If you identify a UFO as a UFO, then the UFO is no longer a UFO.”

Google Maps
The picture amused internet users and triggered a wave of jokes

Whilst another added: “Interdimensional bird turds?”

It’s not the first time conspiracy theorists have taken to Reddit with evidence of extra-terrestrial life.

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Last year, one man spotted a “UFO disguised as a cloud” and left others on the platform scratching their heads.

Google Maps
In the past, eagle-eyed Google Maps users have spotted other weird sightings

A different commenter ridiculed the bird poo and UFO mix up, saying: “Omg haha… have you used Google street view much?

“It’s full of artefacts from the stitching of the 360 cameras. This is certainly one of them.”

They were backed up by another who wrote: “That’s what I was gonna say, 360 degree camera ain’t perfect.”

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