Hi-tech sex robots see fans plan to create custom-ordered 'perfect clones'

Real Doll
Hi tech sex robots see fans plan to create custom ordered 039perfect

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Sex robot fans make pleas for ‘perfect clones’ and a ‘personal companion’ beyond raunchy bedroom antics.

RealDoll which designs and manufactures sex robots, took to social media on Friday to ask followers what they would like to see next from artificial intelligence.

Sharing a snap of a robot, the company based in San Marcos, California, US, asked its 47,000 Instagram and 12,000 Twitter followers respectively, for their views.

Real Doll captioned the photo: “What do you think the future holds in the next few years? Progress has to start somewhere, and who knows what a sex robot could yield outside of sex!”

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Real Doll
Real Doll makes a range of bots in America

EvilBooWriter responded on Twitter: “I’m interested to see how personal companion robots affect mental health. There are a lot of folks out there who want someone safe to talk to AND f***. I can see them being used for therapeutic reasons.”

To which Real Doll replied: “That’s already why some of our customers are saying for their ai dolls! We love seeing the dolls pass the threshold of adult relationships into something far greater than anything simply physical.”

Someone else on Twitter questioned whether technological advancements could see sex robots become so human-like that they can no longer be used for sex.

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Sex doll
Real Doll says there is a demand for companionship

Follower Urpzan queried: “Don’t know, but if they become to advanced and possibly sentient people may protest to have them become citizens and to abolish the sex servitude that they are built for, which would be undesirable.”

One fan reacting to the question on Instagram said he believes we are not far off ‘perfect clones’.

Heavymetalsecurity replied: “My plan for a perfect clone is on the horizon!”

Instagram user Urddrg18 also chipped in reiterating the demand for a robot to be able to hold a conversation.

Real Doll
Real Doll followers suggested a hybrid of human and robot will be created

They wrote: “Be nice to have someone to talk to as I’m sailing around the world by myself! Maybe take a watch so I can sleep!”

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Robots will become the envy of the human race, if another follower’s prediction is realised.

Mayankkumarraina said: “Robot that can make faces, running, able to pick itself up after falling, and look physically better than any human on the planet”

Blueimpalass67 commented: “We can already see robotic technology replacing humans. if genetic technology grows at the same rate then eventually synthetic biological humans may replace robots.”

Starmaker3176 replied to @blueimpalass67 saying we are no more than 20 years away from a ‘hybrid’ species existing.

They added: “Agreed hybrids derived from silicone and organic material are simply a matter of time. Personally, I’d say within 20 years.”

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